Topic outline

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    The "three ways" or Trivium of classical education are the language arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  Grammar is the study of the parts and pieces of language; logic is the art of correct reasoning; rhetoric is the art of "speaking well," adding the perfections of beauty to the truths of language. 

    • Grammar is studied, formally, in our Latin program;
    • here you find Logic and Rhetoric in years I and II. 
    • In the third  course, students examine how the tools they have learned find application in a variety of specific sciences, setting up the transition from the Trivium to the Quadrivium. 
    • Years IV and V introduce metaphysics, natural theology, and systematic, revealed theology.
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  • TPT Primer ~ Introduction to Logic, Sample Units

    Text and media areas: 14 Files: 2 Quizzes: 2 Assignments: 2
  • TPT 1 LOGIC 1, Sample Unit

    Text and media areas: 7 Files: 3 Quiz: 1 Assignment: 1

    Text and media areas: 14 Files: 3 Quizzes: 2 Assignments: 2