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The "three ways" or Trivium of classical education are the language arts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric.  Grammar is the study of the parts and pieces of language; logic is the art of correct reasoning; rhetoric is the art of "speaking well," adding the perfections of beauty to the truths of language.  Grammar is studied, formally, in our Latin program; here you find Logic and Rhetoric in years I and II.  In the third  course, students examine how the tools they have learned find application in a variety of specific sciences, setting up the transition from the Trivium to the Quadrivium.  Home Study is available.

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The study of Latin is a wonderful way to teach advanced grammar skills - the first leg of the mediaeval trivium.  No less importantly, it opens up the student to the living language of the Church and Her vast library of contributing authors.  Engagement with "real" Latin from the original sources begins immediately, with selections that complement our literature courses.  Three years are available.  All grammar is covered in years I and II; memory work in those years includes both grammar and over 40 Latin prayers and hymns.  Year III is reading intensive. Home Study is available for Primer, 1, 2, and 3.

See the complete listing in the COURSE CATALOG.

Our "Traditio Nostra" great books courses are 3-in-1 classes that integrate Literature, Philosophy, and Theology into a single reading sequence.  Students read primary works from the great authors of Catholic & Western Civilization and discuss them in a round-table format.   Courses are organized by historical period: Ancient & Classical Times, The Christian Age, Modern Times, and The American Idea.  The students learn to read, listen, speak, relish, and dispute the true, good, and beautiful things that "our tradition" has to offer.  Home Study is available for Primer, 1, 2, and 3.

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