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UNIT 3 ~ Chrysostom and Bellarmine

UNIT 3 ~ Chrysostom and Bellarmine

by Kenneth Rolling -
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This week includes the feast day of two doctors of the Church: St. John Chrysostom and St. Robert Bellarmine.  Be sure to read up on them in the liturgical link on Monday and Friday.  

A Dispute Among the Doctors, Pietro della Vecchia, 1654

Here are a few announcements for the week:

  • PRAYER:  Opening school prayer is tonight (Monday, 9/13/21) at 7:00 p.m. Central time.  The Link and a printable copy of the prayers and readings for tonight are now posted in the block on your Dashboard.
  • HOMEWORK FEEDBACK:  Students should be receiving feedback on their homework.  Be sure to go and read it this week.  Don't repeat the same errors as you move foreword.
  • COMPOSITION: Comp  Primer, 1, and 3 all have an assignment due this unit.  Don't be late!

Have a great week!

Wisdom of the Saints:
"For a church is not a barber's shop or a chemist's or a market stall: it is the dwelling of angels and of archangels; it is the kingdom of God; it is heaven itself.  If someone gave you entrance into heaven, you would not dare to speak a word, not even if you should see your own brother or father.  Likewise in the church, only spiritual things may be spoken, for this is heaven." St. John Chrysostom