The run down . . .

  • Founded as Rolling Acres School in 2011, we grew into our current name in 2021.
  • We are an independent school, working within the Catholic intellectual tradition. Are we a "Catholic School"?
  • Our curriculum is classical, liberal arts, great books, and Thomistic
  • We are a completely online school with a time-tested format.
  • Our wonderful faculty and staff hail from across the United States and abroad.
  • Enrollment open to 7th through 12th grades.
  • Accredited with NCA, CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI as of June 2022.
  • Our 3 Patrons are Saint Thomas Aquinas, Saint Rose Venerini, and Our Lady of the Rosary.
  • The Average class size is 12 students.
  • Our Motto is "Gaudio sicut gladiis semper in altum"
  • Our crest is the Christ-crowned shield emblazoned with the ox and rose.
  • Our home office is in southern Mississippi.
  • Our trust is in the name of the Lord.
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