Oxrose Families – Help Spread the Word!

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Dear Oxrose Families of 2020-2021,
Please find attached an advertisement/newsletter for the Academy.  We are offering a last minute promotion for new families in hopes of swelling the ranks this academic year.
Our Request:  (1) If you know of anyone who might be interested in joining the school, please print or send them a copy.  (2) If you are on social media, please post the image and/or mention the sale and link to the school. 

Word of mouth remains our primary advertising tool.  Your help is sincerely appreciated.
Part of the newsletter is a large photo spread of the Rendezvous.  It was a joyful and wonderful time.  I hope to see you there next year!  God bless you all and thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
In Christ,Kenneth Rolling

Pack your bags!

Current Oxrose Academy Families: Pack your bags! We “rendezvous” July 25-30! Remember to keep special watch on your email for announcements as we get closer to time. We are finalizing cabin arrangements for those not tent-camping, and we will be working out the airport pick-up schedule. Many are driving in, so plenty of hands to help those flying in. Keep the Rendezvous in your prayers, especially that all travel safely.

Accreditation in the Works – Please Pray!

We are pleased to announce that the Academy has begun the formal process of accreditation with Cognia. Our decision to pursue accreditation is undertaken with the goal of critically reviewing our academic, business, and administrative practices in order to find ways to continue to improve.  In addition, we know accreditation is a meaningful criterion for enrollment decisions for many families.  Accreditation is an extended process that will involve input from students and teachers in time. We ask all of you to pray for us, and to contribute at some steps, as we make our way through it. If you have questions at any point in time, please do not hesitate to ask.
Update: Candidate for Accreditation with NCA, CASI, NWAC, and SACS CASI as of Spring 2021. We are working toward completing the accreditation process by 2021-2022. This can be a long process, and we look forward to our families helping us throughout the 2021-2022 Academic Year with class visits, student interviews, parent interviews, and teacher interviews.

CLT This Spring 2021!

Our full-time 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grade students have been registered to take the CLT 8 (for 7th-8th grade) and CLT 10 (9th-10th grade) on March 12th. This will be a remotely proctored exam, so please mark your calendars. More details are on the way to registered-students via snail mail.
We are incorporating annual testing using the CLT in order to allow us to track student performance as compared to students nationwide and to provide valuable in-house data for improving our curriculum.  You may find out more about the CLT here.
Student who are not full-time may be registered for the CLT 8 for $24 or for the CLT 10 for $13. These are discounted rates available through our school.
Please contact us at the.rolling.acres.school@gmail.com.

Kenneth Rolling speaks at MCHEC 2018

Mr. Rolling meets R.A.S. students in person

June 1-2, 2018 Mr. Kenneth Rolling spoke at the Minnesota Catholic Home Educators Conference. Both he and his wife attended a booth in the Vendor Hall, where they enjoyed many conversations with conference attendees. MCHEC had done a fantastic job each year of bringing in speakers to rekindle a desire for homeschooling in the hearts of parents, some of which are exhausted and others of which are enthusiastic about the next year. Such a mixture of energies and such a blend of speakers each year has been a great motivating force for mothers and fathers in every stage of family life. This is truly a conference worth marking your calendars for each year! 

Mr. Rolling spoke as a featured speaker on the following topic:  Dinner with Socrates: How to Make the Table a Place of DiscussionSocratic discussion teaches students to think clearly, speak forcefully, and relish the search for truth in a uniquely self-guided way. It is often touted as a strength of Classical Education, but is as often neglected in the home for logistical reasons. With noisy infants, boisterous kids, aloof teenagers, and tired parents, how could you have a real conversation? Come and learn how to make your supper table talk a Socratic dialogue—invite Socrates to dinner!

You may purchase an MP3 track of this speech here.

Mr. Rolling’s Youngest child with Dr. Ray Guarendi (Image added for anonymity)

You may find the other speakers from the conference, including the Key Note Speaker Dr. Ray Guarendi, at the above link as well. Consider purchasing a CD to hear all of them in the comfort of your car and to support the efforts of this conference! 

In addition to his featured talk, Mr. Rolling also hosted a workshop on “Managing Middle School Monsters.” This is always a lively and helpful workshop for parents and teenagers (yes, some students attended this one!). 

R.A.S. Online Academy and Schola Rosa look forward to attending the MCHEC again in the future. 

2018 Scholar Ball and Co-op Workshops

2018 Broken Arrow Scholars

May 22-23, 2018 were a big couple of days for the Broken Arrow Schola Rosa Co-op, which Alecia Rolling was privileged to share in as a speaker, attendee, and comrade. 

The Broken Arrow Intermediate Group has been active for 5 years now, and just this year formed the very secret, Thomas Aquinas Society, for its Intermediate members. The year culminated with a Scholar Ball and was a great opportunity to celebrate the achievements of older students as a separate event from their younger siblings’ Potluck Raffle and Rewards. Mrs. Rolling was invited to attend the Scholar Ball as a speaker to the 6th-7th graders. 

In addition to the Scholar Ball, Broken Arrow co-op members scheduled workshops to precede the ball, the workshops being for the parents of the group. This allowed parents an opportunity for academic growth as well by hosting a speaker and having discussions.