New Teachers = MORE Classes!

It has long been our goal to expand our class offerings to provide a full curriculum for 7th -12th grades.  In 2018 we are taking a huge step toward this goal with a number of new classes. 

In addition to our Great BooksLatin, and Trivium Studies courses, and the accompanying grammar, composition, and science courses currently offered, we are pleased to roll out new LIVE classes in History for 7th-9th Grade and Math for 7th-8th Grade!   We are also excited to be offeringItalian for the first time. 

The new classes will be crafted to fit our integrated curriculum and will be taught with our signature approach (robust philosophical footing, flipped classroom, tutoring with every course, weekly grading, and great teachers).  As always, seats are limited, so ENROLL EARLY

To teach all of these new classes, we have a number of faculty members coming on board for the new academic year.  We are confident that you will enjoy meeting them as much as we have. 

Meet our New Teachers HERE!

Kenneth Rolling, Founder of R.A.S., to speak at Conference


We are pleased to announce that Kenneth Rolling  will be a featured speaker at the Minnesota Catholic Education Conference June 1-2, 2018. 

He has taught kids of many different ages in a broad variety of settings from a brief stint in the university system to tutoring centers, family basements, and online.  He is the co-founder, with his wife, Alecia, of the Rolling Acres Online Catholic Academy and Schola Rosa: Co-op & Home Curriculum.  His research interests are in the fields of philosophy of education, science, and beauty.  He works as an instructor in trivium studies, philosophy, theology, and great books at the online academy.

Curriculum Vitae
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from Benedictine College;
Master of Arts Degree in Classics, Greek Emphasis;
Course work completed for Masters of Divinity and PhD in philosophy from Catholic University of America (Thesis and Dissertation in progress, however slow)​

Dinner with Socrates: Making Your Table a Place of Discussion 


Classic Learning Test Achievement by R.A.S. Student

The Classic Learning Test is a new standard entrance exam for high school students nationwide, and R.A.S. Online Academy and Schola Rosa proudly encourage students to take the Classic Learning Test.

This year we are particularly proud to announce that Marie, a current R.A.S. Online Academy student, and Schola Rosa family member scored 114 on the Classic Learning Test in November 2017, which was the highest score in the country for that test date. In addition, she had the highest score of any female to take the test in the history of the CLT up to that date.

She is now eligible for scholarships at many of the leading Catholic universities, including Christendom College, a place of great interest for her now, thanks to her high score.

Thank you to Marie and her family for allowing us to share the news with the rest of the R.A.S. Online Academy and Schola Rosa community! May God bless her with many more such successes as she decides where to go.

Why the Classic Learning Test? 

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is the new standard for college entrance exams. 95% of CLT educators in a survey state that they would recommend the CLT for students. Additionally, students have stated that the CLT is a positive experience when compared to the SAT and ACT.

“Students who study for the Classic Learning Test will enter college with the right formation, and their teachers will notice it immediately. I am certain that if, ten years from now, we could collect data on the performance of CLT students after one year of college, we would find a stark demonstration of superior achievement.” 
– Dr. Mark Bauerlein, Professor of English at Emory University and renowned author

READ MORE at the Classic Learning Test website!

2017 Conference Attendance

The Rolling Acres School ~ Online Academy and Schola Rosa will be attending the following Catholic homeschool conferences this year.  Stop by our booth to visit with conference representatives, get discounts, and possibly win prizes!