The Rolling Acres School L.L.C., is a private, independent institution that operates the Oxrose Academy.  The Academy is not recognized formally as a "Catholic School" by any competent ecclesial authority (canon 803).  Wishing to act in all respect to the bishops of the dioceses in which our families reside, we do not claim to be a "Catholic School."

Our goal is to support parents in exercising their right and obligation to seek out means of providing their children with a Catholic education (canon 793).

We are, simply, a school that endeavors in all things to act and teach as a Catholic school, though we are not one formally.  See canons 793-821.  To that end:

  • The Oxrose Press elementary religion curriculum, Schola Rosa, is formally recognized as Catholic by the Most Reverend Bishop John M. LeVoir of the Diocese of New Ulm.
  • At Oxrose Academy, the instructors are Catholics in good standing, who are committed to the mission of the school.
  • As an institution, we publicly confess our intention to submit to the guidance of the teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church.
  • As an institution we pledge to teach in the hope of bringing students to Christ and contributing to the establishment of a clear Catholic cultural identity among students.
  • In addition, we defend the Catholic philosophical tradition as unique and superior to the alternatives in its understanding of man and its capacity to answer the fundamental and perennial questions.

Helpful Resources

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