Business Policies


Oxrose Academy will only use parent contact information for school business.  Oxrose Academy will not share parent contact information with any third party without express permission.  Student contact information will be used exclusively for academy business and will not be shared at any time.

Course Enrollment Minimums:

If a course does not reach a minimum of 10 students in number, that course is subject to cancellation. Students will be offered a full refund or the option of enrolling in an alternative course.

For Additional Policies and Fees, see the "Tuition & Fees" page.

Academic Policies

Student and Parent Handbook

The policies and procedures below provide a glimpse of those presented in the Oxrose Student and Parent Handbook.  The Handbook is the official statement of policy and must be adhered to by students, parents, faculty, and staff.

Academic Honesty:

Cheating and intentional plagiarism are dishonest and thieving. Since the moral excellence of the student is of greater importance than academic excellence, all instances of these offenses will be treated very seriously.

If the suspicions of the instructor are raised, he will inform the headmaster, who will contact the parents to explain the situation. The headmaster will seek information and input on the situation, inform the parents as to the school’s requirements regarding the academic side, and follow the parents’ lead in disciplining the student, generally.

An academic penalty will necessarily apply if academic dishonesty is determined. This penalty will be decided by the instructor and headmaster in consultation with the parents. With a sufficiently mature student, in full knowledge of the nature of his actions, the penalty may be the most severe—an F for the course.

In class Behavior:

Students are required to comport themselves with professionalism and courtesy. Teachers’ instructions should be followed promptly. Students who are disruptive or who refuse to abide by an instructor’s directions, will be removed from live classes. If a student is removed from class, the instructor will inform the headmaster, who will in turn inform the parents. Should a student be removed from class a second time in the course of the year, he may be expelled from the course or barred from live classes, at the headmaster’s discretion.

During class time, students are required to keep video on, unless there is an at home disturbance that necessitates shutting it off (messy hair, a cold, etc. should not be used as justification for shutting it off). Video is important as a means for teachers to gauge the involvement and attention of the students, and it makes more complete the interactions between persons.

When attending LIVE classes, students must be neat, groomed, and well presented. A collared shirt, appropriate to an academic setting, is required. More formal attire may be required for some occasions (e.g. viva voce examinations). We recall with St. Bernard: “How beautiful then is modesty and what a gem among virtues it is!”

Distractions (siblings, pets, etc.) should be kept out of the academic space during class time, whenever possible.

Absolutely all apps, webpages, communication platforms (including Moodle messaging), games, etc. must be shut down during class time. Parents should take steps to ensure that this is the case. Students who are contacted by other students about joining any social platform during class time should report it to the instructor


Instructors grade and provide feedback for assignments, quizzes, exams, and projects in different ways for each course.  Please see the course descriptions for specifics.  Grades can be checked in each classroom webpage.  Instructors strive to keep maintain grading on a regular schedule with a turn around of approximately one week; however, grading is not guaranteed on this schedule as instructors will need to balance grading with other duties throughout the year.

At the end of the year, Oxrose Academy will issue updated transcripts for students.  Official Transcripts can be requested.  


All prices can be found in the Shopping Cart.  See the the Tuition & Fees Page for more information. 

Missed Classes and Assignments:

Please notify an instructor about a missed class and/or assignment as soon as possible to arrange make-up work. If the student knows that he will be missing an upcoming class, please notify the instructor before the class meeting.  Students should make use of the tutor times to seek instruction concerning any missed materials.

Textbooks and Course materials:

We strive to provide textbooks and course materials that are freely available online; however, please read the course description and materials carefully to make sure there is not a textbook to purchase.

Student-Teacher Email Correspondence:

We believe both that it is important for students to learn the art of letter writing and that the practice of formality is very appropriate and educative; hence, we request that all student messaging and email correspondence include appropriate greetings, proper and polite phrasing, and cordial closings.  Letter writing is an especially important skill to learn as students prepare to go to university or to enter the work force.

Class Cancellations:

In the event that weather, illness, or other circumstances prevents an instructor from attending a LIVE class meeting, the instructor will reschedule the class to meet in one of the Tutor Times, during the week.  Students are encouraged to attend the other tutor times for instruction and all course work will still be due, unless notice is given otherwise.  Cancelled tutor times will not be rescheduled.

Technology Requirements:

The following items are required:

  • A desktop or laptop computer is needed to access the curriculum and attend LIVE classes. Most tablets will also suffice in doing such tasks, but these should be checked for functionality during orientation (see calendar).
  • A headset that includes both a microphone and dual earpieces.
  • A webcam.
  • A means of scanning homework—a smart-phone or desktop scanner.
  • Software to generate PDFs that are compatible with Moodle (the course suite software) for homework uploads.

Internet Safety:

Oxrose Academy provides course work and in-class learning oversight, however, direct supervision of student computer use during class and study is a task for which we are unable to offer assistance.  We cannot see what the students have open on their computer desktops during class, and we are simply not present at other times.  We encourage parents to make use of internet screening tools & parental controls; to place computers in the shared study spaces in the home; and to exercise prudence regarding the use of social media, knowing that interaction on such media is not a required or encouraged aspect of any of our classes.  Finally, we ask that parents become familiar with the necessary computer time required for our classes.  In most instances, students should do most of the work offline, after having downloaded the class materials from the course suites.

A Studious Environment:

Oxrose Academy requests that parents take concrete steps to create and foster a quiet and orderly academic environment for students, especially as they move into the more challenging intermediate level classes.  Since schooling takes place entirely online in the home, we are entirely dependent upon parents to provide this environment for the students.  One key step is to be sure that the students have the proper headphones for class (covering both ears and including a microphone) and that they know how to hook-up and trouble shoot the headphones.  It is important to realize that any noisy disruption in one home can be a disruption to the entire class, since student microphone feeds are frequently open during class.  More broadly, the students simply need quiet and stillness in order to focus their minds during study and, in particular, during test-taking.


Prayer is an integral aspect of all class times and the educational vision of the school. Oxrose asks that students and parents pray for the student body and teachers of the Academy.